Sunday, July 31, 2011


I was blessed with a great family.

I’ve always known they were a special bunch, but until this past week I didn’t realize just how special they are.

I always thought that when someone married into a  family all of their family became a part of our family, after all that’s the way I’d always seen things go down…

When I married Jack his family was joined with mine, and when my cousins got married all of their spouse’s family was now our family.

From day one on the scene you came in to a hug and a kiss with a big welcome and never looked back, you were in, all our family gatherings, Christmas, Easter, Birthday, graduations, and sometimes just because we love to gather! 

Everyone is welcome, and not just welcome we want you there!

I remember on many occasions we would put on our favorite family song, “We are Family” and all dance around in a circle singing to the top of our lungs. The food…we always celebrate with plenty of food! 

The best thing is the company of each person there, whether by blood, marriage or friendship the fellowship is the best. The Joking, laughing, storytelling, and everyone with great things to contribute. Watching our kids and their kids running and playing like I once did with my cousins.

As family we love each other unconditionally, and with no strings. I love this because we all get angry or hurt, but what a blessing to know that yesterday is in the past and today I only know I love you.

I have so many memories they fill my mind and heart, I am so thankful for the family God placed me in. Each one ready to serve the other and always in love…

I love the movie meet the Fokers, all three of them, I think how badly Ben Stiller wants to be accepted in the Circle of trust…Our family doesn’t have a circle, just an open door…

If you are keeping your circle tight or even closed, you are missing out on some great fellowship, lots of good times and memories that will last a life time.

Throw out the circle and live it up. I can promise your life will be enriched.

I've been told in the past that family's just aren't like us and we were strange, Well I have recently discovered maybe we are not the norm... But I would take us any day over what people may think the norm is! My family is awesome.....

Love and Blessings to you all.
Let the Circle be Broken!!!

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  1. Love it! That is how I feel about our family, too. My greatest joy in life is my family!