Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I look around me and wonder, “What is wrong with this picture” am I crazy. I sure hope not.

Over the past 6 months or so, Jack and I have had it strongly impressed on us to do some preparation for leaner times. As we watch world news, and watch our own country coming closer to economic collapse we feel a strong need to be ready for what is on its way to America. Truth is a lot of it is already here.

It’s going to be tough for many people to pull their heads out of the sand. We have grown comfortably a custom to having it all at our finger tips. We are a spoiled people, and won’t go down until the end. We will still be waiting for our lost and corrupt government to save us from the sad truth of many years of greed and laxadazicle living. The sad part is that a lot of us have been raised to expect the government to fix and take care of us when in fact it was never our founder’s intentions to have the government be responsible for any of the sort.

We have been dumbed downed by the  Entertainment, Bigger houses, the best cars, fast food, and anything else  that makes us feel good, pacified, and over indulged.  “Like sheep to a slaughter” we have trusted the wrong people and they have entranced us with having it all. Meanwhile they line their pockets and use us and our tax dollars to run our great Country into collapse.

That very government that is telling us everything will be alright is the same government that is storing millions of dollars in food storage and other emergency preparation items. FEMA suggests that we all have at least two weeks of food storage… two weeks! Are you kidding me only two weeks?

Unfortunately we are too busy watching the news night after night about a woman who killed her child, or picking a new American Idol, or watching our favorite celebrities learn how to dance.  We complain about the gas prices, food prices and lack of what our dollar buys today. But fear not the government will just keep printing money out of thin air with no real buyers. That’s called “monetizing” and we are making it a cake walk for all the wrong people to run us into 3rd world status…

As a nation, we need to WAKE UP AND MAKE SOME CHANGES!!

Jack and I have made some and it has been surprising how easy it has been to make them. The first thing we did was designate a closet for food storage. It is mostly freeze dried, but we also have other staples like rice, pasta, flour, and canned items.   As our food storage product of choice, we love THRIVE,  because of the variety, ease of use, and nutritional value, not to mention great taste. 

Food is important, only coming in second to one other basic need, water. Luckily are on a private well, so we are pretty set for water, not to mention we also live across the street from a very large lake which can be very helpful.

Start storing water. Buy it buy the gallon for your best pricing. Something to consider is how much will you need. The average person uses up to two gallons of water a day just for drinking, cooking and minor personal hygiene. So doing some quick calculation you can see a person’s daily water requirements can really start to add up.

As a way to help conserve water consider storing some handy wipes, they come in very handy (pun intended) for a variety of uses, and help to conserve on water usage greatly.

A few more Items to think about:
  •   Toiletries- Shampoo, tooth paste, toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper, etc (no one likes wiping their   rear with a leaf or some other foreign object!)
  •   Pet  foods
  •   Flash light, candles, lighter etc… (light)
  •   AM/FM Radio (something rechargeable, crank powered, or solar would be best)
  •   Potty bags (when water stops so does your toilet!)
  •   First aid kit

These are just a few of the very basics. 
We are talking about the bare minimum here.
But the bare minimum it is definitely better than nothing.

It’s not too late until, it’s too late!

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